Memorial Service Planning

Students, faculty or staff members interested in having a memorial service for a deceased student should follow the below steps to ensure a well-planned and meaningful tribute from the University community.

  1. Contact next-of-kin for deceased to see if the family is supportive of having a campus memorial service for their student. Ask if they would be willing/interested in attending this service and identify a primary point of contact for the family.
  2. Identify a potential date and proposed location for the memorial service. Contact the Conferences, Reservations and Event Services Office at (704) 687-2842 to ask about reserving a space.
  3. Contact the Dean of Students Office at (704) 687-2375 to inform them of the date, time, and location for the service. This office will assist you with the following logistics for planning the memorial service:

a. Work with the Public Relations Office to post information about the service on the UNC Charlotte homepage.
b. Notify the deceased student’s faculty members, advisors, academic college, Housing and Residence Life staff (if applicable), Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and the Chancellor about the service.
c. Contact the Center for Psychological and Counseling Services and ask that grief counseling be available if needed.
d. Secure and pay for sound system for event (if needed).
e. Provide candles to be used in candlelight vigils (if needed).

4. Publicize the memorial service through both formal and informal means such as:

a. Contact other friends of the deceased student to make them aware of the service.
b. Post the service on a Facebook page or the deceased student’s page.
c. Share details of the service with student organizations that the deceased may have been a member.
d. Send information about the service to the Associate Director of Student Activities for Student Involvement and ask that they share this with all clubs and organizations.
e. Provide information about the service to the Niner Times.

5. Develop agenda for memorial service with special consideration for the following:

a. Names of specific speakers
b. Comments from University administrator (if appropriate)
c. Vocalists and/or musicians
d. Faith affiliates/ministers
e. Scripture readings and prayers (if appropriate)
f. Candle lighting service

Download the Memorial Service Planning Policy