Heritage Month Celebrations & Cultural Displays

These monthly programs honor the range of heritage months and cultural celebrations including Hispanic Heritage Month, LGBTQ History Month, Native American Heritage Month, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, among others.

"Let's Talk About It"

This series prompts discussions surrounding issues of culture and identity. Discussions are open to all and focus on one area of identity each session.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

Each January, the University celebrates the life, work, and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The program connects students, faculty, staff, and administration while reflecting on the values of community, equality, and social justice.

Ice Cream Socials for First Year Students

The Ice Cream Socials specifically target first-year and transfer students within their initial weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters. The program encourages students’ connection to their peers, faculty, and staff, as well as the participation in available support services and campus programs.

Poverty Simulation

This experiential activity exposes participants not only to the realities of poverty in our communities, but also provides an insight into the complex world of government services and commercial enterprises that impact the poverty cycle.

Food for Thought

This is an opportunity for students to learn about and share their thoughts on the current social justice and diversity events, news and trends going on in the world.

Women of Color Conversations

Women of Color Conversations are an opportunity to create and strengthen connections for women students of color at UNC Charlotte.  The Conversations will present an ethnically and professionally diverse group of thought leaders, experts and innovators.  The dialogues are around topics that are particularly relevant to women.


{WE MOVE} is the fusion of the Women Empowerment Series and the Men of Value and Excellence Series and aims to explore issues and topics related to all gender identities. {WE MOVE} includes topics relevant to female, male, gender nonconforming, and Trans identified individuals. This is a discussion-based series, so all are encouraged to lend their voice to the conversation. 


Activate! is a semester-long leadership series that focuses on social justice, equity and activism, and is open to all undergraduate students. This experience is intended for the social justice-minded and those who would like to explore various areas of social change and activism. Activate! is a cohort-based program that meets weekly.