Request a Program

The Multicultural Resource Center offers several programs that can be requested for individual classes, residence halls, or student organizations.  You will find a listing below of workshops that are currently available.  Please read the description of the available workshops.  Please submit request at least two weeks prior to the desired presentation date to allow for adequate preparation.  If you have any questions, please contact Regena Brown at 704-687-7123 or

Program requests for the Spring 2018 semester are closed. Please check back in the Fall!

MRC Overview 


The purpose of this workshop is to introduce individuals to the Multicultural Resource Center. Participants will receive printed information about how to connect with the MRC as well as be guided through the website to learn about the best ways to find information and resources.



The purpose of this exercise is to understand how individual advantages work within larger systems of inequality and how understanding these advantages allows us to challenge the systems we benefit from.  In this one-hour activity we will define privilege and determine how individual privilege is tied to larger systems of oppression.

Coming Out Simulation


The purpose of the coming out simulation is to give heterosexual participants the opportunity to experience the decision making and consequences for LGBTQ people during the coming out experience.  This one-hour simulation includes the exploration of relationship dynamics.

Sex in a Box


The purpose of this exercise is to discuss gender as a social construct. In addition to having participants “construct” our current understanding of gender expectations, this one-hour exercise also discusses how we “police” gender through negative words and names.

The American Dream

(Economic inequality)

The purpose of this activity is to explore current distributions of wealth in the US and whether this distribution destroys or uplifts the American Dream.  In this one-hour session we will explore income inequality in America and discuss the impact of one’s choice of profession on the ability to access wealth and opportunity.

Where Did That Come From


The purpose of this activity is to expose how commonly used expressions may have more than one meaning.  It will highlight that sometimes those meanings may have a negative connotation or be derogatory.  This one-hour activity engages students in the Word Origins activity originally offered through Teaching Tolerance.

You Can’t Call Them That


The purpose of this activity is to explore the multiple options for identification within the spectrum of Queer community.  In this hour-long activity we will explore the meaning and usage of the word “queer” and its relationship to Gay and Lesbian identity.